About Me

I am a photographer based in London, originally from Japan. I have been shooting for the past decade since I graduated in Technical photography from Appalachian state university, USA.

I have worked for weddings, newspapers, non-profit organisations, musical events, events, and various other private clients.

My projects have been based both within Japan and overseas. I am fluent in English and Japanese so communicating with clients is done so without issue. Travel is my passion so I’m willing to go to anywhere in the world.

I started shooting promotional music videos a couple of years ago and am developing my skills in video production.

Feel free to contact me for quotes.

2006年から2009年まではNewYork Timesでのフリーランスフォトグラファーでの経験や、音楽バンドのライブ撮影などを中心にアメリカで活動。
2015年から拠点をヨーロッパに移し、同年にはアイルランドで初の個展も開催。現在はロンドンを拠点に、雑誌や企業関連の撮影、London Fashion Weekの仕事を数多く引き受ける。